Friday, December 16, 2011

1839 - In June, Mrs ANN MAWBEY is booked to sail from Sydney to ADELAIDE, in a cabin (on deck), on the brig Nereus.
But bad weather prevents the ship from sailing, and Mrs Mawbey is not on the passenger list of the next sailing.
In November, George Mawbey ceases to run a general store (?) in Rundle Street, Adelaide, South Australia that he has been leasing.

1840 - In August, Mr and Mrs Mawbey (?) left Adelaide bound for Sydney on board the brig Christina. [Was it just Mr Mawbey?]

Update 16-12-11
George Mawbey was in fact operating Refreshment Rooms from premises he was leasing in the commercial heart of Adelaide.
His wife Ann did eventually sail to Adelaide, on the Abercrombie, cabin class, and the couple returned cabin class to Sydney.
The reason George's name does not appear on shipping lists when he travelled alone suggests he was in steerage, below deck, which cost less.
Or maybe I just haven't found him yet ...

Update 19-12-11
The Nereus was used by Captain Lees for an expedition which sailed from Holdfast Bay on Tuesday 5th March, 1839.