Saturday, December 17, 2011


In the June 1939 newspaper advertisement in which George Mawbey announced his new Refreshment Rooms in Rundle Street, Adelaide, he mentioned another business operator across the road, Mr J [John] Stuckey as a locational point of reference.
Several other advertisers of businesses in the street area did the same.
Mr J Stuckey was a bread and 'Fancy Baker' operating from a building on the corner of Rundell and King William Streets.
He was also an importer of goods like manchester and clothing from England which he sold from his residence in King William Street, and a wealthy landowner and member of the local 'establishment'.
In May 1839, the business next door to him in Rundle Street was that of Mr Weston, Surgeon, Adelaide General Dispensary.
And opposite, near George Mawbey's Refreshment Rooms, W Mincham, plumber, painter and glazier who provided specialised services like 'Writing, Graining, Sign and Ornamental Painting', had just let his business premises and was working from his home in Currie Street.
[Source: All of this information comes from digitalised newspapers on the National Library of Australia website.]
See Google Maps Rundle & King William Streets, Adelaide.