Friday, December 16, 2011

A couple of verses from the old sea shanty, "[Bound for] South Australia", provide a glimpse of what it must have been like when George and Ann Mawbey were there in 1839-40.

In South Australia I was born,
Heave away.
Haul away!
South Australia round Cape Horn
And we're bound for South Australia.
I wish I was on Australia's strand [beach]
Heave away! Heave away!
With a bottle of whiskey in my hand
And we're bound for South Australia.

In South Australia, my native land
Heave away! Heave away!
Full of rocks, and fleas, and thieves, and sand
And we're bound for South Australia.

The song was recorded by the well-known Australian folk group, The Seekers, on their 1964 UK album.
Their version, plus that of many other groups from around the world, can be heard by clicking on Renditions of 'Bound for South Australia'.
This collection of songs is from the City of Adelaide website