Friday, December 16, 2011

When go back to an original source again, I sometimes discover more information that I missed the first time.
This was the case in regard to GEORGE MAWBEY travelling back to Sydney from Adelaide on the brig Christina.
It was actually a 'convict' ship, used to transport convicts.
South Australia was never a penal colony, a destination for convicts from overseas, as was NSW, Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and WA.
But it did transport its own convicts, and possibly those who had escaped from other places and gone there, to New South Wales.
According to the website Ozships by Peter Larson, four prisoners and two constables were travelling on the Christina on that trip.
The journey took nine days, from 21-29 August 1840.
It is recorded that Mrs Mawbey was travelling with Mr Mawbey.
There were four other male passengers on deck with them and eight passengers in steerage below deck, plus the captain and crew.
It would be interesting to know what the weather was like.
Being winter, it would have been cold, with wind blowing from the Antarctic.