Saturday, December 17, 2011


SLSA: B 60076
"Beehive Corner"
Rundell & King William Streets,
State Library of South Australia

JOHN RUNDLE, after whom Rundell Street was named, was an English MP, member of the House of Commons, and one of the founding Board of Directors of the South Australian Company that was formed on 9 October 1835 to establish the new colony.
Rundle Street is in the 'East End' of Adelaide and is today known for its eateries and coffee shops.
Its western section which ran to King William Street, and where George Mawbey's Refreshment Rooms were located, was closed in 1972 to form Rundle Mall, a pedestrian shopping precinct.
Rundle arrived in South Australia on 6 February 1840, while George Mawbey was still in Adelaide.
In 1849 the former English politician owned a two-storey building on the corner of Rundle and King William Streets called 'Beehive Corner'.
There is a painting of it in the State Library of South Australia.
I am seeking permission to publish that on this blog.
Update 10-2-2012
Permission was kindly granted.

SLSA: B 56370
"Beehive Corner"
ACRE 46: A view of Rundle Street
showing the Beehive Corner
State Library of South Australia