Saturday, December 17, 2011


I have learned so much about my country since embarking on this family history in 2010, particularly about the state of South Australia.
This occurred recently while I was sifting through reams of digitalised newspapers on the National Library of Australia (NLA) website, trying and find out more about my ancestor, George Mawbey, and his short-lived stay in Adelaide from 1839-40.
He appears to have gone there prior to June 1839 to set up his own business - Refreshment Rooms - in a building he was leasing near the corner of Rundle and King William Streets.
That month he placed an advertisement in the privately owned newspaper, the Southern Australian, telling his friends and the public that the new eating establishment was now open.
Around the same time, his wife, Ann, whom he had married in Sydney in July 1838, was booked on a ship to go to SA to be with him, but the voyage was cancelled because of bad weather.
She subsequently sailed there on the Abercrombie.
Just five months later, in November 1839, George was attempting to dispose of the lease of the eatery.
In August 1840 he and his wife returned to Sydney on the brig, Christina.