Friday, December 16, 2011


I knew George Mawbey was operating some type of business in Rundle Street, Adelaide, and now I've discovered it was a 19th century version of a 24/7 fast food restaurant and home catering service!
The advertisements he placed in the newspaper indicate he was intelligent, personable and entrepreneurial.
These qualities still run in the Mawbey family!
Southern Australian, Saturday 22 June & Wednesday 26 June 1839
Refreshment Rooms.
GEORGE MAWBEY begs most respectfully to inform his friends and the public that he has opened those premises opposite Mr Stuckey's, Rundle Street, where Soups, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Chops, &c, can be had at any hour of the day. Dinners dressed out or at home. G.M. will also be happy to supply gentlemen at their own residences with Soups, Luncheons, &c. Orders punctually attended to. Adelaide, 26th June 1839. [Source:]
Southern Australian, Wednesdays 16 & 23 October 1839
WANTED-A Cook.-None need apply unless they can produce testimonials of character and ability. Two good rooms to let. Apply to GEO. MAWBEY Rundle-street. [Source:]
South Australian Register, Saturday 16 November 1939
The undersigned begs most respectfully to inform his friends and the public generally, that he has let the premises lately occupied by himself to Messrs Grieve and Campbell, as a General Store, and he hopes they will receive a share of that patronage which was so liberally bestowed on himself. GEO. MAWBEY.
The lease of the above premises to be disposed of.
Apply to George Mawbey on the premises. Rundle-street, November 9, 1839.